Hello Friends!


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Although we're not originally from the Fargo/Moorhead area, we have lived here for the past ten years and have grown a huge appreciation and love for this community and city. It's exciting to see the city grow and expand in every direction with more and more businesses and activities to entertain and enliven our area. We are absolutely thrilled about the amount of truly great beer being brewed locally. When we set out on this venture, it was our goal to create a fun and relaxing space where anyone can simply hang out with friends, make a few new ones, and enjoy the best craft beer that the area has to offer.

The idea for Front Street Taproom came about while taking an early reprieve from the harsh winter to bask in the sunshine of St. Petersburg, Florida. The main thing we like to do as tourists is try the local beer, so we were more than pleased when we found a taproom that had 26 Florida-brewed beers on tap. We spent several days sitting on this taproom's patio sipping on beer and pondering whether this idea would work in Fargo. Sure, Florida has beautiful coastlines, alligators and sunshine all year-round that supports a strong tourism industry. But, Fargo has a dedicated and hard-working bunch of badass midwestern beer connoisseurs with the stamina and resilience to withstand harsh winters and have fun doing so. Fargo, Moorhead and the surrounding area also has a ton of impressive and talented brewers creating amazing beer, so we decided that yes, yes indeed, this would work.

As soon as we returned to Fargo at the end of March 2016, we bundled up (it was freezing - big surprise!) and scoured the downtown area looking for a potential space to open a taproom dedicated solely to locally brewed beers. The old One World boutique had recently closed, much to our dissappointment as it was a great store. On the other hand, we were incredibly excited to see the potential of housing our business idea in one of the oldest buildings in downtown Fargo on historic Main Ave (formerly named Front Street). With a whole lot of searching and luck, we were able to connect with a handful of like-minded individuals who saw enough value in this concept to invest both time and money to help us make it happen. Wait, who are we kidding, they just wanted a sweet place to drink great beer! Joking aside, we are grateful and excited to have been able to put together an excellent team and we hope that together we can provide our downtown community with another awesome place to drink awesome beer.

We give all the credit of this business to the breweries in FM and surrounding area for continuously coming up with new, inventive and delicious brews. Without them, Front Street Taproom would not be possible. The goal of our place is to bring exposure to their products and encourage as many people as possible to give up the big commercial beers, and give the small local breweries a chance. We also have an assortment of locally produced snacks and craft soda and are lucky to be just a few doors down from our friends at Rhombus Guys who make the best pizza in town and offer us free delivery.

Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you soon!

Aaron & Lindsey