Currently on tap at Front Street Taproom

Updated 12/13/18


Bent Paddle – Cherry Lime Tart         Pint       6      Half       4
Duluth, MN – 4.4%                                   
A refreshingly tart and fruity wheat beer with saison yeast.

Indeed – Shenanigans Wheat Ale       Pint       4       Half       2
Minneapolis, MN – 5%                           
With Lemondrop hops, regionally produced honey and white wheat, this beer has a zesty, citrus aroma, dry body and notes of honey

Junkyard – 100 Year Wheat                     Pint       6       Half       4
Moorhead, MN – 5.1%                            
American Wheat brewed with all Centennial hops. It begins crisp, light, and refreshing and finishes with notes of lemon and grapefruit.

Summit – Keller Pils               Pint       5        Half       3
Saint Paul, MN – 5.1%                            
Paste Magazines #2 Pilsner in the world. With traditional Tettnang and German Huell Melon hops. Spicy floral notes and balanced citrus bitterness.

Fargo Brewing – Original Lager            Pint       5      Half       3
Fargo, ND – 5.1%                                       
German style Helles lager. Light, crisp, and uncomplicated

Schells – Sahti                                    Pint       6        Half       4
New Ulm, MN – 6%                                 
Finnish style ale with a deep golden hue. Brewed with juniper berries, and calypso hops. Notes of banana and clove.


Indeed – Day Tripper                         Pint       5        Half       3             
Minneapolis, MN – 5.1%                       
West Coast style pale ale with a heady, dank, and citrus-laced aroma supported by a complex and sweet malt backbone

Drumconrath – COYBIG Brut IPA         Pint       6         Half       4
Mapleton, ND – 6%                              
Brut IPA, aromatic hops with mild bitterness. Champagne yeast creates fruity and subtly sweet aromas, with a dry finish.

Revelation – Edison’s Experiment     Pint       6         Half       4
Hallock, MN – 7%                                   
A double version of Edison's Medicine, with Lactose and dry hopped like crazy with Mandarina Bavaria. It's soft, juicy, creamy.

Laughing Sun – Feast Like A Sultan    Pint       6       Half       4      
Bismarck, ND – 7.2%                               
This IPA is well balanced with grapefruit and passion fruit citrus flavors and aromas

Surly – Overrated                              Pint       5       Half       3
Brooklyn Center, MN – 7.3%               
Pale gold American (West Coast) IPA with fruity-citrus aromas from generous dry hopping

Flatland – Mad Hops IPA                    Pint       5         Half       3
West Fargo, ND – 7.9%                        
Robust IPA with Cascade and CTZ hops, and fresh hops added in fermentation. A pleasant spicy citrus aroma and flavor.Drekker – Hyper

Drekker – Freak Parade DIPA             Pint       7         Half       4
Fargo, ND – 8.2%                                   
Packed with an absurd amount of Vic Secret, El Dorado, and Mosaic hops resulting in a juicy citrus, melon, and stone fruit explosion


Third Street – Lost Trout Brown Ale  Pint       5         Half       3
Cold Spring, MN – 5.5%                       
The hop flavor and aroma is adequately full and assists the roasted malt flavors. There is limited fruitiness and the body is appropriate.

Bent Paddle – 14* ESB Old Fashioned Pint       6        Half       4
Duluth, MN – 5.6%                                  
A homage to the classic cocktail, this beer is our 14° ESB infused with cherry, orange zest, and bitters and finished in bourbon barrels.

Beaver Island –Tip-Up Winter Ale      Pint       5        Half       3
Saint Cloud, MN – 7.3%                        
Winter ale brewed with a touch of smoked German Beechwood malt, Minnesota hops, and a late kettle addition of young spruce tips.

Schells – Snowstorm                         Pint       5           Half       3
New Ulm, MN – 7.6%                          
No two snowstorms are ever alike. This year’s rendition is moderately malty Belgian amber with notes of biscuit and a subtle fruitiness.


Buffalo Commons – Salem Sue          Pint       5       Half       3
Mandan, ND - 4%                                     
This stout is a perfect combination of chocolate and roasted barley with a hint of flaked oats and lactose. Semi sweet and smooth.

Summit – Oatmeal Milk Stout           Pint       5       Half       3
Saint Paul, MN – 4.7%                            
Smooth and slightly sweet with hints of coffee, caramel and chocolate. On Nitro

Bent Paddle – Cold Press Black        Pint       5        Half       3
Duluth, MN – 6%                                     
Black Ale infused with Duluth Coffee Co. cold press coffee. Smooth and chocolaty, bridging the islands of porter and stout.

Fargo Brewing – Migrating Coconuts      Pint       6        Half       4
Fargo, ND – 6.3%                                    
Coconut Oatmeal Milk Stout. Dark and delicious with real toasted coconut. Creamy mouthfeel and a touch of sweetness.

Drumconrath – So Basic PSL Stout   Pint       6       Half       4
Mapleton, ND – 8.5%                            
Basically a pumpkin spice coffee milk stout. Basically. So basic.

Fargo Brewing – None More Black (2017)                Half       5
Fargo, ND – 9.99%                               
This stout pours blacker than black with aromas of roast and dried fruit flavor, and soft hints of rich dark chocolate and espresso

Summit – Barrel Aged Imperial Russian Stout        Half       6
Saint Paul, MN – 10.5%                         
This strong Russian style stout pours coal black and features complex flavors and aromas of dark fruit, roasted malt, black licorice, and mocha coffee. Aged in Jamaican Rum Barrels.

Bent Paddle –  Double Shot Double Black          Half       6 
Duluth, MN – 11.2%                                 
Robust black ale with a smooth, chocolatey, malt profile. Notes of oak and whiskey from Bourbon Barrels, and a double shot of cold-press coffee add an extra level of flavor complexity.

Surly – Darkness ‘18     Half       6
Brooklyn Center, MN – 12%                   
Massive Russian Imperial Stout containing waves of chocolate, coffee, cherry, raisin, and toffee, with a dose of aromatic hops.


Buffalo Commons – Sour W/ No Name       Pint       5       Half       3
Mandan, ND – 3.6%                                 
Smooth and refreshing. A great representation of a true Berliner Weisse style.

Bent Paddle – Cherry Lime Tart  Pint       6          Half       4
Duluth, MN – 4.4%                               
A refreshingly tart and fruity wheat beer with saison yeast.


Carlos Creek – Apple Hopper             Pint       6  Half       4
Alexandria, MN – 6.8%                               
100% MN Apples fermented dry, then dry-hopped leaving that unmistakable hop aroma without the bitterness. Balance of fresh apples and citrus.

Cottonwood – The Action                  Pint       5        Half       3
Ayr, ND – 6.9%                                         
Semi-sweet cider for those looking for a little extra sugar, and a tangy green apple bite. “Theres nothing to it but to do it”


Flights - $7
Four 5oz. beers of your choice (must be available in a pint)

Pitchers (48oz) - Available with any tap that is available in a pint
$5 Pint                           13
$6 Pint                           16
$7 Pint                           19

Grain Belt Premium                                       Pint       4
Grain Belt Nordeast                                        Pint       4
Hula Spiked Seltzer                                        12oz       4
        Mango Papaya, Pineapple Guava and Starfruit Dragon Fruit

Growlers - $5
Growler Fill for $5 Pint - $15
Growler Fill for $6 Pint - $18

Wine List

House Red – Cabernet                        Glass   5
House White – Pinot Grigio                Glass     5 

 Carlos Creek Winery – Wobegon White
Alexandria, MN – 12.5%                               Glass    6
A semi-sweet, fruit-forward white that is perfect for Riesling lovers! Tropical fruit notes

 Carlos Creek Winery – Chardonnay
Alexandria, MN – 13%                                  Glass    6
Pear & citrus aromas with a bouquet of toast & butter. Soft minerality with a dry oak finish.

 Carlos Creek Winery – Hot Dish Red
Alexandria, MN – 12.5%                               Glass    6
Medium bodied with lots of bold fruit notes. Unoaked, semi-sweet red. Easy to drink red for all occasions        

 Prairie Rose Meadery – Blackberry Mead
Fargo, ND – 14%              Bottle  30           Glass    10
Made by fermenting honey and blackberries together to give a pleasant blackberry and honey aroma and flavor with a smooth, semi-sweet finish

4E Winery – Bison Tale
Mapleton, ND – 12%                                      Bottle  28
A sweet and fruity red wine made from the King of the North grape

4E Winery – Frontenac Gris
Mapleton, ND – 12.5%                                   Bottle  30
Full flavored white wine bursting with bright tropical flavors of mango and pineapple


La Croix – (Cran Razz, Lime, Orange)                  2
Craft Soda – 12oz                                                       2
          Orange Cola
          Cream Soda
Root Beer
Lift Bridge Root Beer – 16oz                                   3
Lift Bridge Mini Donut Cream Soda – 16oz        3
Ax Water – Aronia Berry + Lemon – 16oz            3

Deane’s Kombucha – Ginger Honey      Pint       6   Half       4
Hopkins, MN                                                    
Sweet and tart naturally fermented beverage. Using SCOBY culture, organic tea, and cane juice, with additions of organic fruits and herbs, and then aged in oak barrels. 100% Organic, only 30 calories per pint, and an excellent hangover remedy!

Munchies Menu

Beef Sticks (2)                                 3
Jalapeno Cheddar or Teriyaki
NDSU Meat Lab  – Fargo, ND

Sweet & Salty Snack Mix              3
Grandma G’s Funükums
Deer Creek, MN

Pretzels and Ranch                        4
Dot’s Pretzels – Velva, ND

Chips & Salsa                                  4
WildMoon Corn Salsa – Fargo, ND

Smoked Pistachios                         5
Pelican Pete’s – Pelican Rapids, MN 

Pickled Eggs (Basket of Three)                5
Fargo Brewing Ale House – Fargo, ND

Italian Herb & Cheese Rolls (2)    4
*$2 Saturday and only $1 on Sundays & Mondays
Pepperoni or Jalapeno
Jen’s Bread – Fargo, ND (Available Thu-Mon)

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