Currently on tap at Front Street Taproom

Updated 09/22/17

Fargo Brewing – Kenny’s Lemonade
Fargo, ND

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 3.2
Combining the Helles Lager with lemon soda creates this perfectly refreshing summer drink great for all occasions

Fargo Brewing – Stones Throw (Nitro)
Fargo, ND

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 4.5
Smooth ale with caramel toffee, toasty malt, hints of cocoa, and residual honey sweetness

Fargo Brewing – O’Fest
Fargo, ND

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 6.3
This Marzen-style Oktoberfest has aromas filled with rich, toasty malt character and subtle hop spiciness with an incredibly smooth finish

Drekker – Techno Viking
Fargo, ND

Pint $6-  ½ Pint $4-  ABV 4.5
Light and refreshing kettle sour with a nice tartness. The German Pilsner malt backbone makes this a very approachable beer, and a great introduction to the wonderful world of sour beers

Drekker – People Eater Blueberry Kettle Sour
Fargo, ND

½ Pint $5-  ABV 5.5
A bright purple flavor monster! It’s kettle soured then loaded up with a ridiculous amount of blueberry puree. Then it’s conditioned on just enough Thai basil to give it a perfect tart, fruity and slightly herbal flavor!

Junkyard – Amarillo Experimental IPA
Moorhead, MN

Pint $6-  ½ Pint $4-  ABV 6.7
This experimental IPA showcases the Amarillo hop variety, which is renowned for its intense grapefruit and citrus characteristics

Prairie Brothers – Working Capital IPA
Fargo, ND

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 6.4
English style IPA that has a more malt forward flavor. Light and refreshing

Rhombus Guys – Greenway Double IPA
Grand Forks, ND

Pint $6-  ½ Pint $4-  ABV 7.6
Citra and Mosaic hops for a one-two punch of tropical, citrus flavor. Local malt to create a smooth, crisp finish. Bold and flavorful

Revelation Ale Works – Kilowatt IPA
Hallock, MN

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 6.8
It’s like you buried you nose in a bouquet of fresh cut hops and pine boughs but your mouth just kissed the sweet bitterness and is left wanting another pass.

Revelation Ale Works – Straw/Razz Sour
Hallock, MN
Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 6
Sweetened with over 100 pounds of raspberries and strawberries and kettle soured with lactobacillus. Rich, tart, and refreshing.

Laughing Sun – Strawberry Wheat
Bismarck, ND

Pint $5 – ½ Pint $3 – ABV 4.7
American style wheat beer with a light crisp flavor and an essence of strawberry

Laughing Sun – Black Shox Porter
Bismarck, ND
Pint $6-  ½ Pint $4-  ABV 5.5
American Style Robust Porter with a complex roast flavor and chocolate and coffee overtones

Schells – Firebrick
New Ulm, MN

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 5
Vienna lager that carries a mild, pleasant maltiness with subtle sweetness and a light hoppy finish

Schells – Oktoberfest
New Ulm, MN

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 5.5
Marzen with Munich and Vienna malts that give this beer a soft malt sweetness, pleasant mouthfeel and a slight spiciness

Schells - Schwarzbier
New Ulm, MN

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 6
A crisp, black lager with hints of bittersweet chocolate and a fruity floral hop aroma

Schell’s Noble Star – Apricot Vista
New Ulm, MN

½ Pint $8-  ABV 4.9
Apricot Vista bursts with the bold flavor of tart, juicy apricots. It has a moderate lemony acidity and slightly spicy malt backbone.

Bent Paddle – Venture Pils
Duluth, MN

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 5.0
Brewed with pristine Lake Superior water, this straw colored pilsener is refreshingly crisp with a gentle floral hop aroma.

Minneapolis, MN
Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 5.5
Read all about it! Featuring cascade and experimental hops which create a pleasantly crisp and aromatic American pale ale with notes of citrus and tropical fruit

Fulton – 72 Stretch Gose Style Ale
Minneapolis, MN

Pint $6-  ½ Pint $4-  ABV 4.6
Dry-hopped with lemon & lime zest and additions of Mediterranean Sea salt & coriander to the kettle create the classic Gose characteristics, resulting in a refreshing, citrus-forward ale with hints of melon & stone fruit.

Summit –Unchained #25 Vienna Style Lager
Saint Paul, MN

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 5.1
Featuring notes of toast, biscuit, and caramel from Barke Vienna and CaraFoam malt, plus balanced bitterness from spicy and herbal German hops.

Lift Bridge – Farm Girl
Stillwater, MN
Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 6
Refreshing saison with light citrus notes and a distinct spiciness from choice Belgian yeasts

Loon Juice – Grow A Pear Hard Cider
Spring Valley, MN

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 5.5
Like a dry wine with complex flavors. The apple character marries with the added fruit to create a balanced flavor

Loon Juice – Honeycrisp Hard Cider
Spring Valley, MN

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 6
Harnessing the power of this most coveted apple, this bubbly beverage finishes dry like a nice champagne

Castle Danger – Castle Cream Ale
Two Harbors, MN
Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 5.5
Deep gold in color, with a soft malty aroma, slightly sweet creamy texture with a balanced bitterness, while finishing smooth and clean

Surly – Furious
Brooklyn Center, MN

Pint $5-  ½  $3-  ABV 6.6
Citrusy hoppy aromas and flavors, balanced by a chewy caramel malt backbone and refreshing bitter finish

Surly –Xtra-Citra Hoppy Pale Ale
Brooklyn Center, MN

Pint $5-  ½  $3-  ABV 4.5
Bursting with Citra hop flavor and tropical, citrusy notes, this hoppy pale ale showcases Surly’s bright side

Surly – Inherent Weiss Imperial Hefeweizen
Brooklyn Center, MN

½ Pint$5-  ABV 9
Brewed to twice the normal strength and overly dry-hopped, this hefty citrus bomb will assault your senses with notes of clove, banana, and dank hop aroma

Surly – Surly Fest
Brooklyn Center, MN

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 6
A unique twist on an Oktoberfest beer, this is a Dry-Hopped Rye Lager with an earthy biscuit flavor profile

Indeed – Day Tripper
Minneapolis, MN
Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 5.1
Your companion in everyday adventure, this West Coast style pale ale has a heady, dank, and citrus-laced aroma supported by a complex and sweet malt backbone

Flights - $7
Four 5oz. beers of your choice (not available with 1/2 pint only pours)

Grain Belt Premium – New Ulm, MN - $4
Hamms - Saint Paul, MN - $4
Burning Brothers – Saint Paul, MN - Pyro American Pale Ale (Gluten Free) - $6

Growlers - $5
Growler Fill for $5 Pint - $15
Growler Fill for $6 Pint - $18


NorthStar Craft Soda - $3 (Spring Lake Park, MN)
Root Beer, Orange Cola, Pineapple Orange, and Black Cherry

Ax Flavored Water - $4 (Moorhead, MN)
Blackberry Pear and Black Tea

Deane’s Kombucha – Lemon Lime
Hopkins, MN

Pint $6-  ½ Pint $4
Sweet and tart naturally fermented beverage. Using SCOBY culture, organic tea, and cane juice, with additions of organic fruits and herbs, and then aged in oak barrels. 100% Organic, only 30 calories per pint, and an excellent hangover remedy!

Wine List

Prairie Rose Meadery – Traditional Mead
Fargo, ND

Glass - $8-  ABV 11
A soft slightly spicy character from the clover honey blended with a very smooth, soft alcohol and sweet, but not cloying, honey finish.

4E Winery – Bison Tale
Mapleton, ND

Glass - $7-  ABV 12
A sweet and fruity red wine made from the King of the North grape

4E Winery – Frontenac Gris
Mapleton, ND

Glass - $7-  ABV 12.5
Full flavored white wine bursting with bright tropical flavors of mango and pineapple

Carlos Creek Winery – Wobegon White 2015
Alexandria, MN

Glass - $6-  ABV 12.5
A semi-sweet, fruit-forward white that is perfect for Riesling lovers! Tropical fruit notes

Carlos Creek Winery – Chardonnay 2013
Alexandria, MN

Glass - $6-  ABV 13
Pear & citrus aromas with a bouquet of toast & butter. Soft minerality with a dry oak nish.

Carlos Creek Winery – Trinity 2013
Alexandria, MN

Glass - $6-  ABV 13.8
Bright fruit at the front with tannin & oak at the nish. Medium-light bodied red.

Winehaven Winery – Deer Garden Red (Chisago)
Chisago City, MN
Glass $6-  ABV 12
A semi-sweet red wine with bright cherry aromas and flavors. One of a kind from our patented Chisago grapes grown on the sloping hillsides of Lake Ellen

House Red – Cabernet Sauvignon
Glass $5-  ABV 13.5

House White – Pinot Grigio
Glass $5-  ABV 12.5

Snacks & Munchies

Beef Sticks – 2 for $3 (Add a pickled egg for $1)
NDSU Meat Lab– Fargo, ND

Jalapeno Cheddar

Sweet & Salty Snack Mix - $3
Grandma G’s Funükums  – Deer Creek, MN

 Pretzels and Ranch - $4
Dot’s Pretzels – Velva, ND

Chips & Salsa - $4
WildMoon Corn Salsa – Fargo, ND

Gourmet Popcorn - $6
Maddie & Maize – Minnetonka, MN

Bourbon Barbecue
Coconut Curry
Lemon Raspberry Wedding Cake
Dark Chocolate Caramel 

Pickled Eggs - $2 each or 3/$5
Fargo Brewing Ale House – Fargo, ND

Italian Herb & Cheese Rolls - 2 for $4*
Jen's Bread – Fargo, ND
(Available Thu-Sun)

*Half Price Saturday and only $1 on Sunday while supplies last

Pro Tip
**Rhombus Guys offers free delivery to Front Street, give them a call! If you want something else, feel free to bring food in, or have it delivered (614 Main Ave)