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Updated 07/22/18



Half Brothers Half-Twisted Shandy Pint       5       Half       3
Grand Forks, ND – 3.5%                        
Classic Golden Ale + Lemonade = Half Twisted Shandy! Crisp, Clean, slight sweetness from the lemonade.

Schells Hefeweizen                         Pint       5           Half       3
New Ulm, MN – 4.75%                        
Bavarian Wheat with a fruity ale character, and undertones of banana and clove

Schells Shocked                                Pint       5       Half       3
New Ulm, MN – 4.6%                              
Grapefruit Radler combining mild malt flavor, hop bitterness and a crisp citrus essence providing the ultimate in summer refreshment

Castle Danger Summer Crush          Pint       5         Half       3
Two Harbors, MN – 4%                       
Pleasant lemon flavor and aroma from using Sorachi Ace hops. A sessionable beer, and our take on a shandy, without being one.

Bent  Paddle Break Blonde Ale          Pint       5       Half       3
Duluth, MN – 6%                                      
A Belgian style Blonde Ale balances hints of citrus and Belgian yeast

Summit Dakota Soul                       Pint       5        Half       3
Saint Paul, MN – 4.8%                          
Czech-style pilsener with notes of biscuits, honey and graham cracker, and a floral hop finish from Saaz hops and  ND grown barley

Third Street Sun Seeker Shandy      Pint       5     Half       3
Cold Spring, MN – 4.2%                           
This crisp, refreshing brew screams summer with every sip. The hint of lemon is sure to transport your taste buds to a warm, sunny day.

Lift Bridge Farm Girl                        Pint       5       Half       3
Stillwater, MN – 5.5%                           
Refreshing saison with light citrus notes and a distinct spiciness from choice Belgian yeasts

Indeed Effin Hoppen Hefe                Pint       5       Half       3
Minneapolis, MN – 4.7%                       
Traditional Bavarian-style wheat beer, that is dry-hopped to create a refreshing beer with notes of banana, clove, and citrus


Rhombus Guys Stage Fright Pale     Pint       6     Half       4
Grand Forks, ND – 6.6%                              
Smooth pale ale with Mandarina and Citra hops offering pineapple and tangerine flavors with hints of coconut. Get on with the show!

Drumconrath Auld Centrailia          Pint       5         Half       3
Mapleton, ND – 4.8%                          
Light and crisp American Pale Ale with with a hop flavor and aroma of lemon and citrus

Castle Danger Ode IPA                    Pint     5       Half       3
Two Harbors, MN – 6.8%                     
Citra, Azacca, Amarillo and Centennial hops lend bright citrus and tropical fruit in flavor and aroma

Surly Xtra-Citra Hoppy Pale Ale      Pint       5     Half       3
Brooklyn Center, MN – 4.5%                
Bursting with Citra hop flavor and tropical, citrusy notes, this hoppy pale ale showcases Surly’s bright side

Surly Furious                                   Pint       5        Half       3
Brooklyn Center, MN – 6.6%             
Citrusy hoppy aromas and flavors, balanced by a chewy caramel malt backbone and refreshing bitter finish

Indeed Day Tripper                         Pint       5    Half       3     
Minneapolis, MN – 5.1%                      
West Coast style pale ale with a heady, dank, and citrus-laced aroma supported by a complex and sweet malt backbone


Drekker Broken Rudder                   Pint       5          Half       3
Fargo, ND – 5%                                      
Smooth caramel flavor with lightly toasted malt notes, honey gives it a hint of sweetness

Finnegans Irish Amber                    Pint       5        Half       3
Minneapolis, MN – 4.75%                    
Full flavored, medium-bodied ale with a creamy, malty finish

Schells Schmalts Alt              Pint       5        Half       3
New Ulm, MN – 5.1%                              
Rich, sweet and malty with hints of licorice and balanced by a chocolaty bitterness. Dark brown in color and topped by a thick, creamy tan head

Buffalo Commons Brown Ale           Pint       5       Half       3
Mandan, ND – 4.9%                                 
An Americanized twist of an English Mild. This beer is the ideal combination between dark and light brown ales

Castle Danger Russian Rye             Pint       6     Half       4
Two Harbors, MN – 6.3%                        
Malt forward with robust favors of dark rye bread, and a bit of hop spice to balance, and finishing with a hint of caraway


Lift Bridge The Warden Milk Stout      Pint       5        Half       3
Stillwater, MN – 5.75%                        
Aromas of coffee, hints of smoke. Sweet and savory in the forms of chocolate and roasted malt, and a silky smooth finish.

Bent Paddle Cold Press on Nitro   Pint       5      Half       3
Duluth, MN – 6%                                       
Black Ale infused with Duluth Coffee Co. cold press coffee. Smooth and chocolaty, bridging the islands of porter and stout.


 Rhombus Guys Don Johnson         Pint       7       Half       4
Grand Forks, ND – 5.2%                        
Kettle-sour beer with strawberry and pineapple puree, flaked toasted coconut and lactose to make it smooth like the Don himself.


Loon Juice Honeycrisp Cider           Pint       5       Half       3
Spring Valley, MN – 6%                        
Harnessing the power of this most coveted apple, this bubbly beverage finishes dry like a nice champagne

Carlos Creek Apple Hopper             Pint       6  Half       4
Alexandria, MN – 6.8%                               
100% MN Apples fermented dry, then dry-hopped leaving that unmistakable hop aroma without the bitterness. Balance and fresh apples and citrus.


Indeed LSD Honey Ale                      Pint       6         Half       4
Minneapolis, MN – 7.2%                     
A kaleidoscopic spiral of Lavender, Sunflower honey, and Dates, LSD sets the stage for a mind-bending beer experience as floral aromas dance atop rich notes of fruit and honey

Laughing Sun Sinister Pear             Pint       6      Half       4
Bismarck, ND - 8.4%                               
This Belgian golden strong ale packs a punch with light hop flavor that melds perfectly with the pear flavors

Schells – Grain Belt Blue                     Pint       5        Half       3
New Ulm, MN – 4.7%                             
Purple in color, as the real blueberry juice takes charge. A light malt flavor with a balanced blueberry sweetness puts a delightful twist on the classic Premium lager

Schell’s Noble Star Framboise Du Nord
New Ulm, MN – 3.7%                                      Half       8
Neon red in color, light and dry with a refreshingly tart acidity. Full raspberry flavor with a subtle hint of brett character

Flights - $7

Four 5oz. beers of your choice (must be available in a pint)

Grain Belt Premium – New Ulm, MN - $4
Grain Belt Nordeast - New Ulm, MN - $4

Growlers - $5
Growler Fill for $5 Pint - $15
Growler Fill for $6 Pint - $18


NorthStar Craft Soda – 12oz                                     3
Orange Cola, Pineapple Orange, or Black Cherry

Lift Bridge Root Beer – 16oz                                     3

Ax Water – Aronia Berry + Lemon – 16oz          4

La Croix – (Cran Razz, Lime, Orange)  3

Deane’s Kombucha – Peach Pear Pineapple Blueberry   Pint       6   Half       4
Hopkins, MN                                                    
weet and tart naturally fermented beverage. Using SCOBY culture, organic tea, and cane juice, with additions of organic fruits and herbs, and then aged in oak barrels. 100% Organic, only 30 calories per pint, and an excellent hangover remedy!

Wine List

House Red Cabernet                        Glass   5
House White Pinot Grigio                Glass     5 

 Carlos Creek Winery – Wobegon White
Alexandria, MN – 12.5%                               Glass    6
A semi-sweet, fruit-forward white that is perfect for Riesling lovers! Tropical fruit notes

 Carlos Creek Winery – Chardonnay
Alexandria, MN – 13%                                  Glass    6
Pear & citrus aromas with a bouquet of toast & butter. Soft minerality with a dry oak finish.

 Carlos Creek Winery – Hot Dish Red
Alexandria, MN – 12.5%                               Glass    6
Medium bodied with lots of bold fruit notes. Unoaked, semi-sweet red. Easy to drink red for all occasions        

 Prairie Rose Meadery – Blackberry Mead
Fargo, ND – 14%              Bottle  30           Glass    10
Made by fermenting honey and blackberries together to give a pleasant blackberry and honey aroma and flavor with a smooth, semi-sweet finish

4E Winery Bison Tale
Mapleton, ND – 12%                                      Bottle  28
A sweet and fruity red wine made from the King of the North grape

4E Winery Frontenac Gris
Mapleton, ND – 12.5%                                   Bottle  30
Full flavored white wine bursting with bright tropical flavors of mango and pineapple

Munchies Menu


Beef Sticks (2)                                 3
Jalapeno Cheddar or Teriyaki
NDSU Meat Lab  – Fargo, ND

Sweet & Salty Snack Mix              3
Grandma G’s Funükums
Deer Creek, MN

Pretzels and Ranch                        4
Dot’s Pretzels – Velva, ND

Chips & Salsa                                  4
WildMoon Corn Salsa – Fargo, ND

Smoked Pistachios                         5
Pelican Pete’s – Pelican Rapids, MN

Pickled Eggs (Basket of Three)                5
Fargo Brewing Ale House – Fargo, ND

Italian Herb & Cheese Rolls (2)    4
*$2 Saturday and only $1 on Sundays & Mondays
Pepperoni or Jalapeno
Jen’s Bread – Fargo, ND (Available Thu-Mon)

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