Currently on tap at Front Street Taproom

Updated 10/16/17

Fargo Brewing – Mango Iron Horse
Fargo, ND
Pint $6-  ½ Pint $4-  ABV 4.8
Northwest Style American pale ale, with tropical fruit and grapefruit notes and huge hop flavors of citrus, floral, and resin. Infused with Mango

Fargo Brewing – Super Green
Fargo, ND

½ Pint $5-  ABV 6.1
Super hopped up pale ale using over 150 pounds of whole cone hops, from Fertile, MN, giving an intense aroma of citrus and tropical fruit and flavors of citrus rind, pineapple, and sticky resin.

Drekker – Hausterhosen Festbier
Fargo, ND

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 5.5
Light and malty Märzen style beer. Minimal bitterness and slightly sweet and toasty maltiness gives way to a subtle smoky finish from the mesquite smoked malt.

Drekker – Pillager Porter
Fargo, ND

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 5.2
Black with hints of ruby red, strong notes of coffee and chocolate. Bold flavors paired with a light body make this a very approachable and drinkable porter.

Prairie Brothers – Coco Boingo
Fargo, ND

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 4
Chocolate milk stout that’s low in ABV but high in flavor. Chocolate malt adds complex flavors of coffee, chocolate, and toffee with a smooth mouth feel.

Rhombus Guys – Blackberry Boogie
Grand Forks, ND

Pint - $6 - ½ Pint $4-  ABV 4.3
German Style Berliner Weisse aged on Blackberries. A tart, fruity sour ale with a vibrant color and a crisp finish

Rhombus Guys – Greenway Double IPA
Grand Forks, ND

Pint $6-  ½ Pint $4-  ABV 7.6
Citra and Mosaic hops for a one-two punch of tropical, citrus flavor. Local malt to create a smooth, crisp finish. Bold and flavorful

Revelation Ale Works –  Barrel Aged Whiskey Brown
Hallock, MN

½ Pint $5-  ABV 7
Brown ale aged in Far North Spirits Roknar Charred Oak Whiskey Barrels. Smooth with whiskey and vanilla flavors

Third Street Brewhouse – Oktoberfest Session Marzen
Cold Spring, MN

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 4.6
Done in the traditional style of the deep amber, full-bodied Austrian and German märzen, with undertones of baked goods and darker fruits.

Schells – Hefeweizen
New Ulm, MN

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 4.75
Bavarian Wheat with a fruity ale character, and undertones of banana and clove

Schells – Grain Belt Blue
New Ulm, MN

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 6.6
Pours dark purple with an aroma of blueberry jam. A signature sweet malt forward fruity lager

Schells –Farmhouse
New Ulm, MN

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 5
Farmhouse Style Ale brewed with locally grown barley and Belgian yeast

Bent Paddle – Bent Hop Golden IPA
Duluth, MN

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 6.2
This non-traditional IPA is golden in color with a huge floral/citrus hop aroma and a supporting malt profile

Bent Paddle – Cold Press Black
Duluth, MN

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 6
Bent Paddle Black infused with fresh Duluth Coffee Co. cold press coffee. Smooth and chocolaty, bridging the islands of porter and stout

Fulton – Batch 300
Minneapolis, MN

Pint $6-  ½ Pint $4-  ABV 7
West Coast IPA built on a base of Pilsner malt and heavily hopped with Mosaic hops

Finnegans – Dead Irish Poet
Minneapolis, MN

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 7
Irish Dry Stout with a smooth roasted quality, with dark chocolate and stone fruit notes

Summit – Oatmeal Stout (Nitro)
Saint Paul, MN
Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 4.7
Smooth and slightly sweet with hints of coffee, caramel and chocolate

Summit – Lazy Sipper Strawberry Ale
St. Paul, MN

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 4.9
Refreshing blonde ale brewed with all Minnesota ingredients. Complex malt notes of toast, breadcrumb, and graham cracker, Lazy Sipper is balanced by gentle hop characteristics of lemon, green tea, and grapefruit.

Lift Bridge – Farm Girl
Stillwater, MN
Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 6
Refreshing saison with light citrus notes and a distinct spiciness from choice Belgian yeasts

Loon Juice – Strawberry Shandy Hard Cider
Spring Valley, MN

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 5.5
Combining strawberries with honeycrisp apples and lemonade forms this delicious and refreshing beverage

Loon Juice – Honeycrisp Hard Cider
Spring Valley, MN

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 6
Harnessing the power of this most coveted apple, this bubbly beverage finishes dry like a nice champagne

Castle Danger – Maple Marzen
Two Harbors, MN

Pint $6-  ½ Pint $4-  ABV 7.5
Traditional German malts and hops blended with local maple syrup, results in a malty flavor that is rich bready toast with caramel notes and strong maple character

Castle Danger – Castle Cream Ale
Two Harbors, MN

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 5.5
Deep gold in color, with a soft malty aroma, slightly sweet creamy texture with a balanced bitterness, while finishing smooth and clean

Castle Danger – Red Hop
Two Harbors, MN

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 6.9
Red ale with a malty, rich, full-body balanced by Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe hops. This beer is a crowd pleaser, enjoyed by malt lovers and hop aficionados alike

Surly – Furious
Brooklyn Center, MN

Pint $5-  ½  $3-  ABV 6.6
Citrusy hoppy aromas and flavors, balanced by a chewy caramel malt backbone and refreshing bitter finish

Surly – Surly Fest
Brooklyn Center, MN

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 6
A unique twist on an Oktoberfest beer, this is a Dry-Hopped Rye Lager with an earthy biscuit flavor profile

Indeed – Day Tripper
Minneapolis, MN
Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 5.1
Your companion in everyday adventure, this West Coast style pale ale has a heady, dank, and citrus-laced aroma supported by a complex and sweet malt backbone

Indeed – Wooden Soul #5 Saison De La Pomme
Minneapolis, MN

½ Pint $7-  ABV 5.25
Wood-Aged Saison fermented with two strains of Brett yeast and fresh pressed Winesap apple juice. It is aged in a mix of red wine and port barrels, where it is refermented on pressed pomace, and ground apples making an effervescent

Indeed – B-Side Pils
Minneapolis, MN

Pint $5-  ½ Pint $3-  ABV 5.1
Crafted with a traditional German malt and a mix of noble and German hops. Crisp an clean, B-Side takes you off the clock and on to what makes you tick

Flights - $7
Four 5oz. beers of your choice (not available with 1/2 pint only pours)

Grain Belt Premium – New Ulm, MN - $4
Hamms - Saint Paul, MN - $4
Burning Brothers – Saint Paul, MN - Pyro American Pale Ale (Gluten Free) - $6

Growlers - $5
Growler Fill for $5 Pint - $15
Growler Fill for $6 Pint - $18


NorthStar Craft Soda - $3 (Spring Lake Park, MN)
Root Beer, Orange Cola, Pineapple Orange, and Black Cherry

Ax Flavored Water - $4 (Moorhead, MN)
Blackberry Pear and Black Tea

Deane’s Kombucha – Ginger Honey
Hopkins, MN

Pint $6-  ½ Pint $4
Sweet and tart naturally fermented beverage. Using SCOBY culture, organic tea, and cane juice, with additions of organic fruits and herbs, and then aged in oak barrels. 100% Organic, only 30 calories per pint, and an excellent hangover remedy!

Wine List

Prairie Rose Meadery – Traditional Mead
Fargo, ND

Glass - $8-  ABV 11
A soft slightly spicy character from the clover honey blended with a very smooth, soft alcohol and sweet, but not cloying, honey finish.

4E Winery – Bison Tale
Mapleton, ND

Glass - $7-  ABV 12
A sweet and fruity red wine made from the King of the North grape

4E Winery – Frontenac Gris
Mapleton, ND

Glass - $7-  ABV 12.5
Full flavored white wine bursting with bright tropical flavors of mango and pineapple

Carlos Creek Winery – Wobegon White 2015
Alexandria, MN

Glass - $6-  ABV 12.5
A semi-sweet, fruit-forward white that is perfect for Riesling lovers! Tropical fruit notes

Carlos Creek Winery – Chardonnay 2013
Alexandria, MN

Glass - $6-  ABV 13
Pear & citrus aromas with a bouquet of toast & butter. Soft minerality with a dry oak nish.

Carlos Creek Winery – Trinity 2013
Alexandria, MN

Glass - $6-  ABV 13.8
Bright fruit at the front with tannin & oak at the nish. Medium-light bodied red.

Winehaven Winery – Deer Garden Red (Chisago)
Chisago City, MN
Glass $6-  ABV 12
A semi-sweet red wine with bright cherry aromas and flavors. One of a kind from our patented Chisago grapes grown on the sloping hillsides of Lake Ellen

House Red – Cabernet Sauvignon
Glass $5-  ABV 13.5

House White – Pinot Grigio
Glass $5-  ABV 12.5

Snacks & Munchies

Beef Sticks – 2 for $3 (Add a pickled egg for $1)
NDSU Meat Lab– Fargo, ND

Jalapeno Cheddar

Sweet & Salty Snack Mix - $3
Grandma G’s Funükums  – Deer Creek, MN

 Pretzels and Ranch - $4
Dot’s Pretzels – Velva, ND

Chips & Salsa - $4
WildMoon Corn Salsa – Fargo, ND

Gourmet Popcorn - $6
Maddie & Maize – Minnetonka, MN

Bourbon Barbecue
Coconut Curry
Lemon Raspberry Wedding Cake
Dark Chocolate Caramel 

Pickled Eggs - $2 each or 3/$5
Fargo Brewing Ale House – Fargo, ND

Italian Herb & Cheese Rolls - 2 for $4*
Jen's Bread – Fargo, ND
(Available Thu-Sun)

*Half Price Saturday and only $1 on Sunday while supplies last

Pro Tip
**Rhombus Guys offers free delivery to Front Street, give them a call! If you want something else, feel free to bring food in, or have it delivered (614 Main Ave)